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Williamsburg! The Musical IN THE NEWS…

NY1 TV, August 14: Click HERE to view Williamsburg! The Musical on TV!

Courier Life, August 9: "Hipsters Take Cover..."

New York Post, August 9: "The Lunatic Fringe," in which Williamsburg! The Musical is called "[One] of the more promising [shows]" in the Fringe!

JoyHog, August 8: Check out our video interview on JoyHog with a song from the show...

Metro, August 2: "One Stop To Excitement" is a great interview with co-creator Will Brumley.

Broadway Bullet, August 1: Check out our podcast on! You can hear two of the songs from the show as well as an interview with Co-Creator Will Brumley and Actor Allison Guinn! (Click "listen to the show online" to hear the podcast")

Gotta love the Gawker: Bedford Avenue to Collapse Under Weight of Parody, July 25
Here are some of our favorite comments:
“Oh the humanity.”
“Their fundraiser featured an indie-folk-blues ukulele player. Are you sure this is a parody?”
“That cast photo alone could provide What Not to Wear with a half-season's worth of contestants.”
“The lofts are alive. . . with the sound of hiptards.”
 “I bet it's not even real hipsters making it, but, perhaps the worst breed -- wannabe hipsters spouting pseudo self-awareness, not even cool enough to be the people they hate/adore.”

Joy Hog, July 25: "11th Annual International Fringe Festival"
"...we’re thinking this [show] is gonna be one of the hotties" ~JP,

The Real Deal, July 25: "Williamsburg Musical Opening"

Jewish Week, July 5: "A Casting Call For A Chasid"

Broadway World, July 5: "Haran, Etc. to Perform at Fundraiser for 'Williamsburg!'"

Broadway World, June 22: "FringeNYC's Williamsburg! Musical to Hold Open Auditions"

Playbill, June 9: "Action Jesus, Jazz Hand, PB&J, Williamsburg! The Musical Among Titles for 2007 FringeNYC"

Amina Snatch Presides
Amina Snatch (Nicola Barber) presides over her soon-to-be Hipster Zombie Army
(Photo Credit: Jonathan Grey)


THE BURG NEWSBEAT……this is a topical musical
Our favorite articles about the burg:

New York Post. June 28: "What Will Be...Williamsburg Grows Up"

This American Life "My Experimental Phase: Funny You Don't Look Jewish" 6/25/2004
A great episode about a Hasidic Williamsburg resident who wants to be a rock star.

amNY. June 1: "A Feast of Faith in Williamsburg"

Time Out New York . May 31: "The Hipster Must Die"

amNY.  March 13th. "Tenant: Greed Turns Sweet Rent Deal Sour"

Curbed. March 28th, 2006. The Original “Million Dollar Crackhouse” w/bacon.

The Brooklyn Record. April 2007. " Behold! Williamsburg Jeans"

amNY. May 14th. "The Two Sides of Williamsburg"

NYTimes. March 18th. "Buying With Help from Mom and Dad"

NYTimes. May 22nd. "L-train Madness"
(Times Subscription needed)

NYTimes. May 27th. " New East River Park"
(Times Subscription needed)

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