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cast & crew
Our talented CAST: Nicola Barber* Erin Hall
  Maranda Barskey* Colin Israel*
  Roberto Carrasco Anna Jayne Marquardt
  Cyana Cook Terry Palasz
  Jessica Crouch Evan Shyer
  Adam Enright* Damien D. Smith*
  Allison Guinn Jesse Teeters
  *These actors appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
Our talented CREW: Taibi Magar Stage Manager
  Michael Wilson Morgan Set Designer
  Jenn Rogien Costume Designer
  Gennaro Marletta Sound Designer
  Alison May Lighting Designer
Polish Landlady   Piper + Shlomo
Polish Landlady (Terry Palasz) is ready
to fatten up some skinny hipsters!

Shlomo (Evan Shyer) talks a suicidal Piper
(Allison Guinn) off the edge.

(Visit the Press page for hi-res press photos. Photo Credit: Jonathan Grey)

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